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Welcome to this week's blargh:

- Results: 12/29
- Schedule: 12/31 - 1/4
- Playoff Schedule: Settle Down, It's Tentative
- On The Way, Just Ahead: 2003 Gas Face Awards
- A Couple Of Readers Speak!

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The Committee enjoyed/endured a limited taqueria visitation schedule this time around due to holiday nuttiness, with the week's sole destination being Outer Richmond rough-in-the-diamond Chino's Taqueria. Like all other taquerias getting the second-go-'round treatment these last three weeks, Chino's didn't get its fair shake on our first visit there nearly a year ago. Blame that patter-ass Hanrihan.


--> 3 mustaches <--
Balboa nr. 35th Ave.
$4.60 - super carne asada
Comments: This neighborhood nook pretty much ganks the notion that a burrito looking special on the make is also special on the eat -- we thought we could've had a real winner on our hands, then we started taking bites; mind you, nothing was particularly awful about Chino's fare...but by the same token, nothing stood out apart from its perfection in the burstage abatement category; for those of you growing increasingly irritated with the presence of flavor in today's foods, Chino's could be your spot – their dull steak's taste did a terrific impersonation of tofu, only darker; the burrito's smart ingredient mix couldn't hide the overabundance of large-grain rice on hand, or the tiny pockets of spice; mostly melted cheese, and all hot bites save one or two (lettuce again, hrmph); excellent refried beans; verdict: fair-to-midlin.

Still to be revisited: La Altena; Gordo Taqueria; El Gran Taco; Taqueria Baja California; Cuco's; Botana

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The Committee gives the mule what it wants this week with visits to the following San Francisco taquerias:

W 12/31: Gordo Taqueria
F 1/2: Taqueria Baja California
Su 1/4: La Altena

Kindly remember that this is a completely unreliable listing. Call our office before setting out that half-baked plan to place whoopee cushions all over these taquerias prior to our visit.

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Coaches always seem to prattle on about how you shouldn't look beyond the task at hand. Well, we shithammered our coach, commandeered the reins ourselves, and came up with the following schedule even though it's not starting for a few weeks....

Complete results of 2003 SF taqueria tour released: Jan. 12 or 13
First round begins: No earlier than Jan. 14, no later than Jan. 20
Semifinals begin: No earlier than Feb. 5, no later than Feb. 9
Finals begin: Feb. 23 or 25
Champion crowned: Feb. 29

Phone the neighbors, wake the kids, etc. etc. Just be sure to tell them it's all tentative.

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Donny Most fell through, but we're currently in contact with management for potential replacement co-hosts Rick Astley and Marla Gibbs.

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"I think I know that guy you mentioned last week who's 'a good dancer with a nice, firm handshake and a piece of gristle pinned to his lapel.' He's my housemate, Carl."

The Committee expresses disbelief: Does he cook the hot sesos at Taqueria El Zorro?

"When does the coffee table book come out?"
The Committee spits up: Get us a coffee table and we can negotiate.

"If the burrito posse ever makes it to Nampa, Idaho (about 20 minutes outside Boise), have them check out El Rodeo -- a damn fine burrito, better than any in NYC. Happy New Year and go Eagles!!!"
The Committee sighs: Contrary to the beliefs of certain readers, the Committee neither owns nor operates its own jet. First we got a few requests to come explore the East Bay's burrito finery -- reasonable enough, that's within driving distance. Now Idaho. Sounds like the right spot for a tater tour to us. We'll consider nearby Napa in the near future, but not Nampa. We're very sorry. Happy new year to you as well, and please, leave Glenn Frey and Don Henley out of this from here on out.

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Thanks to all the list-forwarders. You know who you are. We hope you do anyway, because we often don't.

Coming soon!: Your chance to dunk the Committee in a big-ass tank of horchata. (E-mail us if you've got a big-ass dunk tank of horchata.)

Questions, comments, anecdotes, list addition/removal requests always welcome and encouraged:

yours, in lard, and happy new year to ya,