the Intestinal Apocalypse Monthly Apparel Bazaar

B. Adilene, Taq. Tortilla SquareOMR: 7.50
1197 Al Pastor
cross street: Gristle
ph. 415/555-5555
Map Visits: 1
Good bureatos here. Dinning room kind of dusty thogh. Cash only. Closd Sundays.

(Not in on the joke? Check The Formative Years in the September 2007 Intestinal Apocalypse Monthly.)

Will My Health Be Violated?

06/23/28Super Pollo$0.407.50 Mustaches
Our chiken bureato here reel good. Salsa alsow nice. Lots of flavure in every bite (all six). Tiny litle slabb. Chiken reel tendur. The end, by.