the Intestinal Apocalypse Monthly Apparel Bazaar

Iris, Taq. Tortilla FlatsOMR: 7.50
2233 Sludgy Beans
cross street: Pasty Beans
ph. 415/867-5309
Map Visits: 1
Kids like us are afraid to eat at Taq. Iris anymore, because all they serve now are cow eyes! It's like going to a haunted house for lunch every day! Gross! And expensive! - the burritos here are now up to 55 cents! Cash only. Closed evenings.

(Not in on the joke? Check The Formative Years in the September 2007 Intestinal Apocalypse Monthly.)

Will My Health Be Violated?

01/31/32Especial Ojo$0.557.50 Mustaches
Boy, we're never going to eat here again! What a weird menu! No steak, no chicken, not even any vegetarian or vegan choices! Just eyes! Who wants to eat eyes all the time?! Not us, that's for sure! Some things about this burrito were OK, like the way it held together well, and how good the onion in the pico de gallo was. But the beans had to be from before Prohibition, and anyway, nothing was going to overshadow the taste of those yucky eyes! From now on, if we want better eyesight, we're eating carrots!