the Intestinal Apocalypse Monthly Apparel Bazaar

Mustachioed SPORTS!February 2013
February Taqueria Visits

2/25: We hope for Buster Posey, J.T. Snow, or Will Clark at Giant Burrito. We instead get Johnnie LeMaster.
2/21: Angelica's Taq. and its litany of clangs does not impress.
2/10: Our fine-tasting Tropisueño slab sabotages itself with sauce and cheese shortcomings.
2/8: It's a slabular spectacular on Church Street, where Casa Mexicana's breakfast burrito proves to be a near-flawless gem.
2/2: Taco Loco suffers a new low by way of our unforgiving Ten-Mustache Scale.
Another Year of BurritoeatingJanuary 2013
January Taqueria Visits

1/30: Tacos San Buena in the Mission does not have the knack, and has not had it for quite some time.
1/27: Despite serious cheese inadequacies, Taq. Guadalajara in the Mission kicks down an eight-mustache AM the PM.
1/19: The burrito scene at the Iron Cactus hasn't gotten any better than when the place opened in 2009.
1/13: Ordering a chile verde pork burrito soon at Taq. La Paz? Some slurping may be required.
1/9: Dos Piñas Taq. gets all mushy and stuff on us. And not in a good way.
1/7: The fourth and newest El Faro in town, over yonder on Haight Street, doesn't endear itself to our panel of judge-boneheads.
2012 Scrum Champ: Taq. Can-cúnDecember 2012
December Taqueria Visits

12/5: Taq. Can-cún (Mission/Valencia edition) wins our 2012 Slab Scrum and drops out of our Mustache Chart's top ten in one fell swoop. That's not how it's supposed to work, is it?
12/3: With its first Scrum title within reach, La Laguna Taq. doles out an impossibly hot and sorta greasy slab. Hmm.

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2012 Slab Scrum!

Scrum is done! Go cheggit right now.

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2012 Hiatus #4

Kindly hold the fort until late December...or perhaps early January. Why? Because it's time for some Cuban foods.
Scrum Coming: Mustaches Ahead!November 2012
November Taqueria Visits

11/29: It's 8.75 hairy ones and chunky-style carnitas at Gordo Taq. on Clement, which falls from Position One to position three on our Mustache Chart.
11/27: Shrug all you want about our panel's affection for Tacobar's kitchen skills. Them burros at California and Fillmore are super-legit.
11/25: Taq. Can-cún on lower Mission crosses our critical finish line in nine mustaches flat. Taq. Can-cún, alright.
11/20: For the second time in three visits to Taq. El Farolito's highest-profile shop on Mission, the Little Light's kitchen can't even muster eight mustaches.
11/17: Our dunch slab at purported Scrum contender Taq. San Francisco is the venerable burritoteria's latest postseason letdown.
11/14: La Laguna Taq. almost spices us out of the building, but still manages to ratchet up nearly nine mustaches.
11/11: 8.50 mustaches represents a career high-water mark for most taquerias. For Papalote on Fulton, it represents an off-night.
11/7: Toeing the slab with 8.67-mustache grace, La Espiga de Oro tosses out the first pitch of our 2012 Slab Scrum.
11/4: La Rosa Taq. & Grill's onion-laden pastor helps the tiny slabbery debut just north of our eight-mustache equator of burrito criticism.
11/2: Previously ever-mediocre Casa Mexicana demonstrates its al pastor supremacy in Noe Valley. Who knew?

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